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Thanks for reading my blog! To fill you in on who I am…I am a mom, wife, physical therapist, runner, youngest of 5, a big Tarheel fan, a follower of Christ, and a network marketer! I am like everyone else in that I lead a very busy life but I feel very blessed to be busy!

I have been asked many times why I am network marketing as I have a great job as a PT. Good question! I am involved with Emugenix for several reasons…it is a solid 21 yr old consumer products company moving into an online model, I LOVE the products, I am super impressed with the owners and founders of the company, and a good friend whom I trust asked me to take “a look”. Those are great reasons to be involved and excited but that does not explain the whole story!

Two years ago I developed back pain that was very limiting to say the least. I put my PT skills to work and recovered. My job as a PT is awesome and I love it! However, my job would be very hard to do with back pain or any injury! So my wheels began spinning 2 years ago. Then recently I developed neck and arm pain…so you can see where I am going with this! I plan to be active in the PT field for as long as possible as I love to help people feel better and live life without pain or return to their favorite sport or job. My internet marketing business can do the same…in a different way…having your own business at home can give you the opportunity to feel better by working for yourself and yes to live life more comfortably with extra income or a replacement income!

My desire is to make a difference and to honor my Lord and savior in the process. My focus will always be God first or better yet God will be the “center of my life”. I hope my blog shows the real me, inspires you, gets your wheels spinning, and in some way is helpful to you!

Emugenix! Come Live it!

In Christ!


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