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Crazy Love thoughts continued…

July 3, 2009

“You might not finish this chapter.”

That is the title of this chapter!

It begins with the reality that we all like to skip over. The one about death. I can’t say I was eager to read about my possibilities of not making it thru the chapter…as I could die…but Francis Chan did catch my attention by talking about our “preoccupation’ with appointments, work, family, our desires…

Don’t get me wrong! They are not bad things!

But he speaks of our preoccupation of everything else and we don’t stop to think about God much.

We all mostly live our lives as if we will live forever. Indestructible. Won’t happen to us.

After all we are the “all about me generation”.

As the chapter unfolds it gets even deeper…

If we are preoccupied with all else we tend to take things into our own hands. Take stress and worry for example.

If I were to think, dwell, stress and worry about my work, my home, my job, my health…it can and will consume me!

Phil 4:4 says “Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice!” then it goes on to say “Do not be anxious about anything” in verse 6. oops!

So you see stress and worry should not consume us as much as they do! Maybe a lack of trust? think God is not big enough to solve your problems?

Easier said than done …I know.

So… do our responsibilities give us the right to skip over God’s command to rejoice? I don’t think when I am in the middle of stressing over a family thing or a work issue that I am “rejoicing in the Lord”…what about you!

Just imagine…

If we were to be more preoccupied with the things of Christ, if we would trust Him completely, if we could just give Him all our worries and stress…let Him bear it…He actually already has…but just let Him have your burdens…all of them…

You and I might just feel 100 lbs lighter! We just might be able to rejoice!

I am not saying all your problems will go away…I do believe in miracles! But when we go to Christ daily…often…and trust that He will be there…it sure makes the day seem easier!

Crazy love for sure!

Gotta Run!


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