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I have a Bad Case of Information Overload… Anyone Else?

June 5, 2009

I have been trying to learn new internet marketing techniques for my online home business. I am relatively new to the world of internet marketing and the all the social media marketing techniques.

There is sooo much to learn and sooo many “gurus” to learn from!

So what is a newbie to do?

I subscribed to way too many newsletters, blogs, watched videos like crazy, have a paid subscription to a marketing company to help teach me (good stuff from Blueprint by the way), bought books that I thought would be helpful ( i love stuff from Ben Settle and Mike Dillard), and tried to work my “regular job” and tried to work my home job…

Well you get the picture!

I have  a bad case of information overload!

So what do I do about it? All the “stuff” is good information as I would not have subscribed or bought if it were not “valuable” information!

What’s the bottom line?

You just have to decide for yourself who has “clicked” with you!

You know what I mean…there is someone out there that said the same thing all the other “gurus” have said but it finally clicked in your brain. You had that aha moment where you put all the pieces together!

So what does this mean?!

For me it means I gotta “clean house” for a while…and I don’t mean it in a literal sense!

I need to narrow my focus…begin putting what I have learned work… to implement it…take action! As I need to see better results!

So for me cleaning house  means I need to clean out my emails…unsubscribe…even to the good ones…it is too hard to pass some up and open them up and them my limited time is gone!

But just for now…I can always add them back in or just visit their blogs from time to time!

I am keeping my favorites related to work…Steve, Mike, and Ben…but the others…sorry for now! OOPS…Kelly I will keep your blog too and Jerry Chen’s videos too! See what I mean…lots of good ones out there!

Well…gotta clean!

Have a great productive day!


Mark 1:41

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  1. June 5, 2009 8:54 pm

    PHEW! I was worried for a second that poor runfastmommy would be stuck pushing her stroller up at the top of my blog with no one to see her! I’m with you, feeling a little spread thin at the moment. Time to rethink, refocus, and get down to it! keep me updated 🙂

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