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Bambi… For Real!

June 5, 2009

On Tuesday this week I ran with a group of girls…we call ourselves the BADD Girls…but we really are not at all bad…it was just a joke. One of those that is hard to explain but it just makes us giggle and the name stuck!


We ran in our favorite place in Raleigh to run…Umstead park! It is an awesome park in the middle of Wake county with miles and miles of both carriage trails and single track trails. It definitely not flat or easy! But…

No cars! No exhaust fumes. No honking horns…well sometimes you might have a bike yelling “on your left”. It is just nice to run on hard packed dirt! Much easier on your legs!

Lots of nature but lots of hills too! This was hill workout day!

Just as we started our run we saw a family looking at something in the woods. Out came a baby deer! She was so small and so cute! I am not sure where mom was but I am sure she was not far!

I have never seen such a young deer! We had to stop and marvel at her for a moment.

We all decided this little Bambi was our reward. She was a good reminder that sometimes running…especially trails… provides those moments where you can get away from “stuff” ,enjoy nature, see wildlife, see families out having fun, see others out running, biking, walking.

I know the gym and the treadmill have their benefits but just think of what you miss! The fresh air! The real hills! And Bambi!

I was a great run! 40 minutes of hills and fun…really!

Grab your friends or family and go explore your state park!

Never know what you might see!

Gotta Run!


Mark 16:15

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