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Are you Ignoring Your Customers?

May 19, 2009

Sounds stupid but here is a true story…

Here in the south we have a fast food company called Bojangles. They are famous for their spicy fried chicken(as if we need more fried food here in the south) and their very, very sweet tea.

I confess I went for the sweet tea one day…ordered at the drive thru…paid…then the Bojangles employee handed me my tea literally with her back to me! She was talking to her co-worker and handed me my tea reaching out her window with her back to me…she never said thank you,she never even gave eye contact, she never said “its my pleasure” like they do at Chic-fil-a…

She just ignored me and kept talking to her co-worker friend!

Guess I learned my lesson! Don’t bother people at the drive thru when they are talking with friends! Bojangles is not interested in you as a customer! Not really but you get the idea.

I am sure the owner would have had a fit. ..I hope!

That brings me back to my question. Are you ignoring your customers?

What would happen if we went back to the good ole days of being polite? Saying please and thank you? Writing thank you notes with your own handwriting (to some of your big customers)instead of a typed email or text message? What if we asked for their feedback and then responded back to them results? What if we actually followed thru with things we may promise? Ouch!

How do you show them that you appreciate their business?

I know I have never be to a Chick-Fil-A where I felt ignored. They are always smiling, polite, multiple cash registers so the line goes fast, and in the end they respond with “its my pleasure”.

I am not selling chick fil a but I guess I should…I just gave them some nice marketing! But you see what happens when you do something nice! Something polite!

Good things like repeat customers!

And that is how to grow a business…do the right thing…treat your customers like you like to be treated…try the good ole Golden Rule!

In this day of too busy too entitled too arrogant…some of us need to step back in time.

Manners! Simple. Show your customers you want them to come back…to you for their business…they know there are others they can work with/buy from! Take the time…smile…you might like the results!

Have a great day!


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  1. May 19, 2009 9:09 pm

    Hello Mimiesco,

    Please visit us at Rio Boutique, downtown Detroit, and I promise you that you will not be ignored.

    It seems that good manners have gone by the wayside, but I have faith that they will return. It appears that people would rather be critical than say “Thank you!” The world moves at a fast pace today and taking the time to “be nice” is not on everyone’s agenda.

    Keep on being nice and maybe it will catch on.

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