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Mother’s Day Memory…Blessed Differences!

May 11, 2009

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. As a Mom and a daughter I think it is a Great Day!

My husband and I were thinking about some very fond memories of our kids growing up…they are now 19 and 16! As God would plan it our girls are very different…but at the same time a lot  alike.

My 19 yr old has dark hair, dark eyes, doesn’t mind swimming against the crowd, focused,plans for the future(with God’s will in mind), and loves the Lord!

My 16 yr old has blond hair, blue eyes, likes to be with the crowd,relaxed, can plan only for tomorrow, and she also loves the Lord!

I am blessed! 

Differences have their challenges as a parent but I would not change a thing. I love them both and I love their differences as well!

God gives us all special gifts that help us work together toward a common goal as follower’s of Christ…to spread His love for us and His desire for each of us to come to know Him personally…get to know Him…develop a relationship re with Him!

He can do that thru all of His Blessed Differences…Us!

Hope you had wonderful Mother’s Day all you mother’s!

In Him!


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