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Gotta Run…

May 7, 2009

I love that term. Gotta run.

In the south we tend to blend words together often. That is one reason I like it.

There was a running coach in town that always would sign his name with “gotta run” and he probably was going to do just that. He puts in alot of miles and is one of those people that walks by and you say to yourself…runner.

I think that is another reason why I like it…hoping that one day when I walk by someone they too will think…runner!

I have had a very interesting start to my training for the marine corps marathon. I have not run a marathon in two years but I have completed a few halves.  But I have had one of those years where I keep having little glitches.

I am trying to stay positive. But I have had a few days where I feel it maybe too big of a goal for this year. Then I think about how much I really like to run. I just like being outside…moving, sweating, looking at yards, waving at neighbors.

I like that feeling of accomplishment when you have finished a 20 miler and you go out that night with friends and they say “what did you do today?’ and I say “oh I ran 20 miles”. Sort of casually. And they say “what? you’re crazy!”

I love it!

You know what?

I think I will get over my glitches! I have plenty of time still. It is not like I am going to win! I just want to have fun and finish. Why? Just because I can.

Well…gotta run!


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