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Fear of Failure

April 27, 2009
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I admit it. I have a fear of failure!

We have all been there …in our work, our running goals, as parents…you name it!

So what is the remedy? Prayer and lots of it! Heb 12:2 says to keep our eyes on Jesus–the author and perfecter of our faith. So that is what I am trying to do right now. To keep my focus on Him instead of the world. The worldly ideas of my focus and direction will certainly knock me off my path and keep whispering to me that I “can’t”.

It  is “go time” for me! I have entered the Marine Corps marathon so I need to stay closer to my training plan or I will end up injured or failing to finish! I have my Internet marketing business and I need to manage my time better and follow my “plan” set out before me or I will spin my wheels and not build my business!

When it was Jesus’ time to “go” he kept His faith and His focus on the plan…the cross. He did not let fear or anxiety keep Him from this amazing act of love for us! The world told Him to save Himself. He had the power! But that was not the plan. Jesus knew He had to finish what was before him.

So my plan is to pray, to focus, to run, to work… all with patience and endurance the race set before us.

Gotta Run!


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