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An ounce of Prevention…

April 24, 2009

Ben Franklin said it first. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Great advise that we have all heard a 1000 times or more.  It does make sense…so why don’t we do it!?

Prevention is hard. Period.

It is hard to limit your food intake because it tastes so good! It is no fun to feel hungry and irritable!  I love chocolate! Or your muscles are tight as a drum and you know you should stretch but you decide to wait and start maybe tomorrow. Then you go for that run and it is hillier than you remember and you pull a hamstring! Or that new outfit would be awesome to have even though you are not really sure where you will wear it but…it looks good…so I will just charge it and it ends up in the back of your closet…but you could have used that money for more important matters now!

How many medical problems today were potentially created by something that was a choice of yours…like smoking, overeating, staying sedentary (when you are able to exercise), eating poorly, or how about poor budgeting that results in severe stress to pay bills. All these things add up and cause our bodies to breakdown easier…but an ounce of prevention may have avoided or at least lessened the medical problem.

I fully understand that sometimes even when we do it all right we still end up sick. But having a prevention mindset in our diet, exercise, bank account, and our health in general can go a long way in keeping us out of the doctor’s office!

Our bodies are really God’s house…His temple…so treat it as such…so it is “holy and pleasing to God” (Rom 12:1). That may keep you and me on track!

Think about an ounce of prevention this week…to help you feel better down the road! It is easier to prevent than to correct the problem!

Gotta Run!


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