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Solo or group runs?

April 14, 2009

Well, I like them both and they both have their pros and cons!

Solo…it is a great time for me to think, brainstorm, pray, and or just enjoy the solitude and the scenery! When I have big decisions or just need to think thur “issues” …a nice long run cures most of the “issues”. Obvious pros! Cons are when I am too bogged down, tired, and unmotivated then I am sure to take a shorter route!

Groups…awesome for long runs especially! You can really get to know several people after running 10-20 miles with them! I run with a group during marathon training season…which for me begins in May with a fall marathon target. I laugh thinking about some of our crazy conversations, jokes, or the opposite…serious life problems are shared. We might even play word games or name that tune! They are great friends, great runners, and really great motivators! The time goes by much faster!

One or two training partners…are perfect for keeping me accountable! The conversations tend to surround family or personal matters. But these runs are also helpful to push my midweek runs which tend to be a little sluggish when I am alone! I don’t usually run with anyone during the week as I just get my run in when I can. So when I do get the chance to run with a friend during the week it is very special and enjoyable!

I think our relationship with Jesus is like this too. We can learn more about Him in a group like church or a Bible study or one on one with friends/family or solo during our quite times! They all help us grow and draw closer to Him!

Proverbs 3:5 says to trust in the Lord with all your heart…don’t rely on your own understanding…take all your decisions/questions to God…and He will guide your steps. That is what I do on my solo runs and my quiet times!

Give it a try! Your runs…especially your solo runs can be great JAM times (Jesus and Me)!

Gotta run!


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