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Jam(Jesus and Me) Time

April 10, 2009

I have a notebook that I use to jot down business info that is important as I am reading articles on the internet. It is sort of like a journal. When I do my devotional for the day I will write the particular scripture that spoke to me that day on the top of the page as well as a thought that goes along with the verse.

Yesterday, I was reviewing pages from a few months ago and I found JAM TIME  (Jesus and Me) written in bold letters but nothing else written beside it. I love it…JAM Time…but I don’t know if someone else made it up or me! It was on a page where I was brainstorming domain names. So it could be “stolen” …someone elses’ idea…so I will apologize in advance if it is!

What I simple thought for the day…Jesus and Me! JAM! On a day that is so important to the Christian faith…Good Friday… this is so appropriate.

Have you thought about what Jesus has done for you? His death on the cross? Have you thought about the incredible sacrifice He paid for us and our sins? Put it in perspective. Pray. Thank Him for this unbelievable act of love and ask Him to forgive you and draw you closer to Him. Develop your relationship with  Jesus thru JAM time!

Have a wonderful Easter thinking of the One who offers eternal hope and life!


PS…Today…right now…spend some JAM Time with Jesus…read John chapter 19.

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