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Do You Have A “Playbook” or Business Plan?

April 1, 2009

Recently during a quiet time I was “busted”…yes God was speaking directly to me about my approach to my devotionals and my business! I had to laugh! Lately I have been discouraged with lack of activity in my business and it is always the easiest to look everywhere else for the blame when it is really just me…my attitude, my “off plan” days or weeks, my “sort of followed it” instead of “executed it” approach, skimming the material instead of digging in. Does any of this sound familiar?

God gives us His plan or His “Playbook” through the Bible. It doesn’t work when we pick and choose what we like or don’t like. It is right there on my desk so no excuses!¬†It is easy to get off course when I begin to skip a few days of reading/praying…kind of like working out or dieting! When I am not in His word daily I can’t clearly heard Him and the path he has for me is suddenly covered up.

My business plan is the same! I have a plan clearly set for me to follow. But instead I have been picking and choosing the lessons that I like…that appeal to me. Or I have been “sort of” following the plan or skimming lessons and thus missing valuable information. So is the plan not working or is it me?! Ha! Again I have to laugh as we have all been there one way or another…your marathon training plan? your business plan? your plans to diet or eat better?

I know God’s plan for me is better than mine. I also know that my business plan is better than mine! Your “plan” will work typically if you follow it, believe it is a good plan, and most importantly follow thru with what the plan asks you to do!

James 1:5 God gives wisdom but you need to ask!



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  1. April 1, 2009 8:41 pm

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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