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Surrender Your Dreams…Really??!!

March 24, 2009

Not exactly what you where thinking when you were dreaming right?! We all have dreams for ourselves and our family. Are they our dreams…dreams we want to hang onto…and thus they interfere with God’s plans for us?

I have had trouble lately with the “what if’s” in my business, faith, and personal life. Wow how they can be roadblocks to all of our directions! I have a new business…which I am very excited about…but I find that I get stuck some days in the “what if’s” and before you know it I have waisted my time and I am not productive at all! Or in my faith…I may think well “what if” my friend knew Christ…you see where I am going…it is not productive for Christ or for my business! My brain is crowded…overloaded with that “noise”  of the world again!

The best solution…surrender! Daily! Let God have your dreams, your burdens, your plans, your desires! let Him have 100% of you…not 90-99% But the whole 100%! This is where you will find rest, peace, hope, and yes maybe even a little production instead of procrastination!

Matt 11:28-30

Let God have you and your dreams!

In His Love!


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