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What NOT to say to a new prospect…

March 10, 2009

I am learning something new everyday. As a new home business owner I am learning about internet marketing, owning your own business, time mangament, product information, selling, and recruiting. This blog entry is obvious to some but not so obvioous to others. That is why I am writing about it…it was obvious to me but I have had people say these things to me!

So here’s the list of what NOT to say to a prospect:

1. “Just sign up”…sounds cheap and it is cheap…nothing professional or enticing to me!

2. “We’re gonna be rich” …well call if that happens but it is not likely…sounds like a scheme or gimmick-not a business!

3. “This stuff will cure cancer” or whatever they want to cure…again not professional and not likely to be accurate and it may get them in a load of legal trouble as well!

The bottom line is you really want to attract people who will represent you and your company with a professional approach…a business approach. Sounds too simple but sometimes when people are really excited about their new business they will go overboard in “selling” you and in turn they have permanently lost a lead. I am sure someone comes to mind already!

You don’t want to squash their excitement but you do want to properly train your new downline or reps so that they will have success in building their business and extending a positive and professioal image to those they meet.

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