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March 3, 2009

Awsome Day! My first blog post!

My post for today was inspired by a devotional I read about noise.

Well I know in our house there is definitely noise!

 Teenagers, music, TV, laundry, cell phones…these are all obvious and I am sure we all have our share.

 But what about the noise going on in our heads…planning for the day, work ideas, worries, dreams, pain, needs, wants, pride, or building your company in a poor economy!

Both types of noise can distract us.  For me the noise in my head is the hardest to turn off. I will sometimes sit down to read the Bible and before you know it I am planning my dinner or my workout or adjusting the day to fit in one of my girl’s sports! Pitiful!

Having time to be still to hear God’s voice is important to keep our focus on Him. I need to be still and ask Him to turn off the noises in my head so I hear only Him…only His voice directing me and my day.

What noises are in your head tha t you need to trun off? Are you able to hear God’s directions for you?

I Samuel 3 is the story about the Lord calling Samuel…but Samuel did not realize that it was God calling him. Be ready for God when He calls you! Ask Him to help you turn off the distracting noise…pray!

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