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Crazy Love thoughts continued…

July 3, 2009

“You might not finish this chapter.”

That is the title of this chapter!

It begins with the reality that we all like to skip over. The one about death. I can’t say I was eager to read about my possibilities of not making it thru the chapter…as I could die…but Francis Chan did catch my attention by talking about our “preoccupation’ with appointments, work, family, our desires…

Don’t get me wrong! They are not bad things!

But he speaks of our preoccupation of everything else and we don’t stop to think about God much.

We all mostly live our lives as if we will live forever. Indestructible. Won’t happen to us.

After all we are the “all about me generation”.

As the chapter unfolds it gets even deeper…

If we are preoccupied with all else we tend to take things into our own hands. Take stress and worry for example.

If I were to think, dwell, stress and worry about my work, my home, my job, my health…it can and will consume me!

Phil 4:4 says “Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice!” then it goes on to say “Do not be anxious about anything” in verse 6. oops!

So you see stress and worry should not consume us as much as they do! Maybe a lack of trust? think God is not big enough to solve your problems?

Easier said than done …I know.

So… do our responsibilities give us the right to skip over God’s command to rejoice? I don’t think when I am in the middle of stressing over a family thing or a work issue that I am “rejoicing in the Lord”…what about you!

Just imagine…

If we were to be more preoccupied with the things of Christ, if we would trust Him completely, if we could just give Him all our worries and stress…let Him bear it…He actually already has…but just let Him have your burdens…all of them…

You and I might just feel 100 lbs lighter! We just might be able to rejoice!

I am not saying all your problems will go away…I do believe in miracles! But when we go to Christ daily…often…and trust that He will be there…it sure makes the day seem easier!

Crazy love for sure!

Gotta Run!



Crazy Love Thoughts

July 2, 2009

Crazy love.

What does that make you think of ?

 Well I have 2 teenage girls in my house so I hear often about their friends crazy love of ” this guy”. ..but as you know the story the next week it is a different one!

I just began a book I had been hearing so much about lately.

 Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

 I read the forward, preface,the first chapter, and i went to the website as directed in the book and watched the two videos…

and you know what?

I think I know why they are talking about it so much. In just a few minutes of my time this book has my wheels spinning in my head.

The information in the book is not new. Just like the the message in the Bible has never changed.

But… I think that sometimes it is US that changes and we are ready to take in the information. We are ready to dwell on the scriptures and what they actually mean to us. Authors have a  way to connect with certain readers with their style.

Think about this for a moment…

We have all been there…well I have. I took a class in a certain subject…chemistry…failed miserably…not really… but a C in high school in my day with no honors /no AP’s was not impressive. So I thought great i stink in the sceinces so what can I major in and avoid sciences.

I became an education major only to graduate and decide to become a physical therapist!

So I had to take many science classes!

I ended up with A’s in all the science classes because the teacher’s were perfect for me and my learning style!

The same is happening with this book. I am eager to learn more and dig into the Bible and Francis Chan has pulled me into his book with his writing and the videos…as I am a visual learner!

So go to the website and think about this crazy love that God has for us!

I hope your wheels will be spinning too!

Gotta Run!


matt 22:37-40

Smile Train Tri

June 29, 2009

Today was awesome!

I was blessed to watch my husband and daughter complete a ‘sprint’ tri today! A sprint is usually less than 1/2 mile swim, 12-15 miles biking, then a 5k run…give or take.

My husband has completed >20 of these as they are a distance he can comfortably train for and still work full time, do yardwork, and have a social life! The cross training is great!

My daughter…well it was her first…and I don’t think it was her last! She had a blast! No nerves at all. She just enjoyed herself…smiling the whole way!

The tri was a charity fundraiser for the Smile Train organization. Very worthwhile cause! They raise money for kids born with a cleft palate who cannot pay for the surgery themselves. Just look at some of the before and after pictures of these kids and you will be amazed!

The most fun part of the day was to see the two come in on the bike together, smile for a pic in the transition area, then kept going for the final 3 mile leg….if that was not enough… to see them coming in together cross the finish line hand in hand…priceless!

Yes! I am blessed! Awesome day!

There are so many worthy causes out there that need our help. Do some research and pick one or pick several and do what you can to make a difference. I know the tri today will make a difference to many kids with a more beautiful smile!

Gotta Run!


I have a Bad Case of Information Overload… Anyone Else?

June 5, 2009

I have been trying to learn new internet marketing techniques for my online home business. I am relatively new to the world of internet marketing and the all the social media marketing techniques.

There is sooo much to learn and sooo many “gurus” to learn from!

So what is a newbie to do?

I subscribed to way too many newsletters, blogs, watched videos like crazy, have a paid subscription to a marketing company to help teach me (good stuff from Blueprint by the way), bought books that I thought would be helpful ( i love stuff from Ben Settle and Mike Dillard), and tried to work my “regular job” and tried to work my home job…

Well you get the picture!

I have  a bad case of information overload!

So what do I do about it? All the “stuff” is good information as I would not have subscribed or bought if it were not “valuable” information!

What’s the bottom line?

You just have to decide for yourself who has “clicked” with you!

You know what I mean…there is someone out there that said the same thing all the other “gurus” have said but it finally clicked in your brain. You had that aha moment where you put all the pieces together!

So what does this mean?!

For me it means I gotta “clean house” for a while…and I don’t mean it in a literal sense!

I need to narrow my focus…begin putting what I have learned work… to implement it…take action! As I need to see better results!

So for me cleaning house  means I need to clean out my emails…unsubscribe…even to the good ones…it is too hard to pass some up and open them up and them my limited time is gone!

But just for now…I can always add them back in or just visit their blogs from time to time!

I am keeping my favorites related to work…Steve, Mike, and Ben…but the others…sorry for now! OOPS…Kelly I will keep your blog too and Jerry Chen’s videos too! See what I mean…lots of good ones out there!

Well…gotta clean!

Have a great productive day!


Mark 1:41

Bambi… For Real!

June 5, 2009

On Tuesday this week I ran with a group of girls…we call ourselves the BADD Girls…but we really are not at all bad…it was just a joke. One of those that is hard to explain but it just makes us giggle and the name stuck!


We ran in our favorite place in Raleigh to run…Umstead park! It is an awesome park in the middle of Wake county with miles and miles of both carriage trails and single track trails. It definitely not flat or easy! But…

No cars! No exhaust fumes. No honking horns…well sometimes you might have a bike yelling “on your left”. It is just nice to run on hard packed dirt! Much easier on your legs!

Lots of nature but lots of hills too! This was hill workout day!

Just as we started our run we saw a family looking at something in the woods. Out came a baby deer! She was so small and so cute! I am not sure where mom was but I am sure she was not far!

I have never seen such a young deer! We had to stop and marvel at her for a moment.

We all decided this little Bambi was our reward. She was a good reminder that sometimes running…especially trails… provides those moments where you can get away from “stuff” ,enjoy nature, see wildlife, see families out having fun, see others out running, biking, walking.

I know the gym and the treadmill have their benefits but just think of what you miss! The fresh air! The real hills! And Bambi!

I was a great run! 40 minutes of hills and fun…really!

Grab your friends or family and go explore your state park!

Never know what you might see!

Gotta Run!


Mark 16:15

Are you Ignoring Your Customers?

May 19, 2009

Sounds stupid but here is a true story…

Here in the south we have a fast food company called Bojangles. They are famous for their spicy fried chicken(as if we need more fried food here in the south) and their very, very sweet tea.

I confess I went for the sweet tea one day…ordered at the drive thru…paid…then the Bojangles employee handed me my tea literally with her back to me! She was talking to her co-worker and handed me my tea reaching out her window with her back to me…she never said thank you,she never even gave eye contact, she never said “its my pleasure” like they do at Chic-fil-a…

She just ignored me and kept talking to her co-worker friend!

Guess I learned my lesson! Don’t bother people at the drive thru when they are talking with friends! Bojangles is not interested in you as a customer! Not really but you get the idea.

I am sure the owner would have had a fit. ..I hope!

That brings me back to my question. Are you ignoring your customers?

What would happen if we went back to the good ole days of being polite? Saying please and thank you? Writing thank you notes with your own handwriting (to some of your big customers)instead of a typed email or text message? What if we asked for their feedback and then responded back to them results? What if we actually followed thru with things we may promise? Ouch!

How do you show them that you appreciate their business?

I know I have never be to a Chick-Fil-A where I felt ignored. They are always smiling, polite, multiple cash registers so the line goes fast, and in the end they respond with “its my pleasure”.

I am not selling chick fil a but I guess I should…I just gave them some nice marketing! But you see what happens when you do something nice! Something polite!

Good things like repeat customers!

And that is how to grow a business…do the right thing…treat your customers like you like to be treated…try the good ole Golden Rule!

In this day of too busy too entitled too arrogant…some of us need to step back in time.

Manners! Simple. Show your customers you want them to come back…to you for their business…they know there are others they can work with/buy from! Take the time…smile…you might like the results!

Have a great day!


Tops Things to Take on a LONG Run…

May 15, 2009

Marathon training season is here for me. I have one in the fall…yeah!

I went out last Saturday am with 2 other friends and I was just amazed how many others were out running. Of course it was a beautiful day which always brings people out in force especially in the spring!

One thing I noticed was the number of runners with their “fuel belts”. I normally don’t take mine unless I am running longer than 6-7 miles and it is hot. Saturday was one of those glorious spring days…perfect for just being outside! I love them!

I know what I like to bring along on my long runs…I have experimented enough to figue out what my stomach likes and what it does not.

My favorites are: water of course. If I have 4 small bottles I take 2 with water and two with melon Heed by Hammer. When I run longer than 10 I take Hammer gels…espresso for the little bit of caffeine or sometimes Sport Beans…rasberry!

My running group is awesome! I have been running with the Jeff Galloway marathon training group for several years. We start training the end of May for a fall marathon and we have a schedule planned out for us so when you have along run…10-22 miles…you know not to sleep in! I always do my really long ones with the group as It is very hard to slog out the the miles alone in the middle of the summer…and probably not very safe either!

As a group we coordinate drop spots for drink refills and food! It turns out great as sometimes we have all kinds of fruit, fig newtons, or mini candy bars(not so healthy but good)! It gives us all something to look forward to!

So there you have it. Things to take on your long run: water, electrolyte replacement drink, gel or beans…all in my fuel belt. I need to be better about taking my road ID…just in case. I have done a face plant or two with cracks in the side walk or an unseen post. So you never know…I will be better about taking it this summer!

Have other items that are a must on a long one?

Happy Running!


Col 3:23 “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me!”